Interpret-Community is an open-source project and anyone is welcome to contribute to the project.

Acceptance criteria

All pull requests need to abide by the following criteria to be accepted:

  • passing pipelines on the GitHub pull request

  • approval from at least one maintainer

  • tests for added / changed functionality

Development process

The project can be installed locally in editable mode using the following command:

pip install -e .


To run tests locally, please install all of the dependencies in your python environment:

pip install -r requirements-dev.txt
pip install -r requirements-vis.txt
pip install -r requirements-test.txt

The unit tests can then be run via the command:

pytest ./tests -m "not notebooks" -s -v

Code coverage can be run locally via the command:

pytest ./tests -m "not notebooks" -s -v --cov='interpret_community' --cov-report=xml --cov-report=html

Notebook tests can also be run via the command:

python -m pytest tests/ -m "notebooks" -s -v


This repository uses flake8 for linting and isort to automatically sort imports.

Before running flake8, first please ensure that requirements-test.txt has been installed.

Then, you can run flake8 at the root folder of the repository via:

flake8 --max-line-length=119 .

You can use isort to identify if any imports are out of order:

isort . -c

You can even automatically fix your code by removing the -c argument:

isort .

After automatically sorting the imports in your code, make sure to add and commit your changes to git.